Saxo Bank, a Denmark-based investment bank specializing in online trading and investment, has re-launched its web portal

According to Saxo Bank, the new website will offer an entry point to anyone looking to become a forex trader and will be a useful resource for foreign exchange traders, or others, interested in the trading of currencies.

Saxo Bank said that the redesigned website will focus on providing visitors with all the information necessary for traders like topical forex market information, news and analysis from Saxo Bank and third parties, and on forex education using its TradeMentor program and comprehensive financial glossary. The site also contains the free forex charting widget.

In addition to providing some third party content in the ‘What’s Hot’ section of the site, will also feature content taken from the main Tradingfloor and Saxo Bank websites.

Hugh Taggart, head of research and analysis tools at Saxo Bank, said: “ is already a successful domain, attracting large numbers of new and returning visitors. The new version of augments the popular forex trading information and analysis of the old site with much more content from Saxo Bank and third parties.

“Visitors to are often there just to learn how to trade forex or to see the latest forex quotes, news and analysis. This version of the website answers those needs concisely and provides a link to opening a trial or live account with Saxo Bank.”