Saudi Hollandi Capital, the investment division of Saudi Hollandi Bank, has launched five new investment funds to investors in the Saudi market, bringing the total number of investment funds to 22, including 10 Islamic Sharia-compliant funds.

Saudi Hollandi Capital CEO Taher Mohammed Al-Dabbagh said that the new investment funds, to be denominated in US dollars, will be investing in global equity, global emerging markets and global property sectors. These investments represent an attempt to maximize total return to investors at current growth rates achieved by the economies of these markets.

Al-Dabbagh noted that the new funds, the Global Equity Fund and Emerging Markets Equity Fund, invest in equity-based Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) and short-term money instruments, and the Global Property Fund, invests in ETFs that consist of shares of companies specialized in real estate and related sectors, known as Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), as well as in short-term money instruments.

He also noted that two Islamic Shariah-compliant alternatives will be introduced, Al-Yusr Global Equity Fund and Al-Yusr Emerging Markets Equity Fund, the scope of which will also cover ETFs traded in equities on global markets that are compliant with Islamic Shariah.

Al-Dabbagh added that offering innovative investment products to investors wishing to invest for the long-term, is based on the strategy of Saudi Hollandi Capital, which seeks to exploit the opportunities in local, regional and global markets to meet the expectations of its customers for the development of capital through high value products, given the company’s accumulated experience in managing capital and investments.