The commercial and retail bank that serves more than 14 million customers across the UK has selected NCR’s ATM-as-a-Service to overhaul, connect and serve its self-service network of more than 1,700 ATMs across the country


Santander UK selects NCR. (Credit: Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay)

Santander UK, a subsidiary of Banco Santander, has expanded its existing partnership with enterprise technology and products provider NCR.

The bank has selected NCR’s ATM-as-a-Service to overhaul, connect and serve its self-service network of more than 1,700 ATMs across the UK.

Santander UK is a commercial and retail bank serving more than 14 million customers from 64 corporate business centres in the region.

Through the expanded partnership, the bank will leverage NCR ATM as a Service to shift the operational management of its self-service channel to NCR.

Its self-service channel includes software, transaction processing, cash management, ATM monitoring, help desk, hardware maintenance, and others.

Santander everyday banking COO Kirsty Lacey said: “We’ve enjoyed a history of success working collaboratively with NCR, and we trust its ability to run our self-service network.

“Moving to NCR ATM as a Service will enable us to offer customers a better self-service banking experience, including greater ATM availability to serve them when and where they choose.

“It will also simplify our operations and provide a more sustainable service for the bank. We are pleased to work with a strategic partner like NCR and know it will deliver an exceptional experience for our customers and our team.”

Previously known as National Cash Register, NCR is a software, consulting, and technology company that helps financial institutions bridge digital and physical operations.

The company provides professional services and electronic products and solutions that simplify and optimise banking experiences for customers and employees.

Also, it offers an advanced end-to-end infrastructure that integrates with the broader enterprise and fintech ecosystem to transform, connect and run self-directed banking.

NCR Banking president and general manager Frank Hauck said: “Leading organizations like Santander have recognised the significant value in outsourcing the self-service channel.

“By relying on a trusted partner, financial institutions can further enhance customer service and accelerate innovation, with reduced cost and complexity.

“With NCR ATM as a Service, Santander is transforming its business to deliver richer experiences to its customers and create a compelling competitive advantage.”