IBM has signed a five-year EUR28m agreement with Samlink to manage the information technology (IT) infrastructure for the company's more than 400 bank branch offices across Finland.

Under the five-year agreement signed this month, IBM will manage overall IT operations and internal workstations for Samlink and its clients including self-service kiosks, wireless networks, workstation and maintenance, desktop, servers, and printers.

In addition, IBM will also develop a desktop cloud offering that offers a flexible learning environment for Samlink’s Finnish banking clients.

Through the new desktop cloud-based learning environment, banking employees can take classes from any device at any location.

For Samlink’s clients, the new cloud-based learning environment provides a scalable, faster and cost effective learning environment, IBM said.

Samlink CEO Heikki Sirve said IBM has proven its industry expertise and capability to deliver high quality services with its ability to offer innovative offerings, such as cloud, that will help their services add more value to their clients, the Finnish banks.