Sagem Wireless has formed a partnership with UPEK to bring fingerprint identity capabilities to a range of new devices that it is planning to launch later this year, including new Android-based mobile devices.

By offering an open, standards-based platform for mobile identity services, the strategic partnership between Sagem Wireless and UPEK supports the growth of mobile services such as application marketplaces, m-banking, m-commerce, mobile enterprise applications and mobile productivity tools.

Fingerprint identity solutions offer simplified user experience without any need to remember and re-type personal information such as usernames, passwords and account numbers. It allows purchases from mobile application marketplaces and on-line stores along with protection against identity theft and piracy.

Jerome Nadel, executive vice president of marketing and user experience at Sagem Wireless, said: “The emergence of new connected lifestyle devices is changing the way users interact with and consume mobile services. Both security and usability are critical to reducing perceptions of risk, improving convenience, and encouraging usage.

“Biometric solutions such as fingerprint sensors simplify the process of user identification, providing faster and more secure access to personalized services and transactions. Sagem Wireless will continue to integrate fingerprint biometrics in a range of our connected devices.”

Carl Temme, vice president of business development and strategic marketing at UPEK, said: “By combining Sagem Wireless’ deep understanding of the consumer experience with an open, standards-based approach to identity services, our partnership will further accelerate an ecosystem of application developers who can utilize the convenience and security of fingerprint touch capabilities.

“By developing the service and the device hand-in-hand, Sagem Wireless and UPEK are helping to spur innovative applications that take advantage of the full potential of fingerprint ID capabilities.”

Sagem Wireless provides customized connected lifestyle devices and services to leading consumer lifestyle brands and mobile network operators worldwide.

UPEK is a provider of enterprise and consumer biometric fingerprint solutions. UPEK’s ecosystem of over 100 hardware and software partners enables authentication solutions for market verticals including healthcare, banking, education, and government.