RBC Global Asset Management (RBC GAM) has launched PH&N US Multi-Style All-Cap Equity Fund, the first RBC GAM fund to bring the US equity expertise of RBC Global Asset Management (US) to individual investors in Canada.

According to the company, the PH&N US Multi-Style All-Cap Equity Fund is designed to provide long-term capital growth and comprises five distinct strategies: small-cap core; mid-cap value; mid-cap growth; large-cap value; and large-cap growth.

The PH&N US Multi-Style All-Cap Equity Fund will be available to institutional investors through Series O and to individual investors through three low-cost fee options: Series D (available for clients who invest directly through PH&N Investment Services and discount brokerages, including RBC Direct Investing) and Series C and F (available through financial advisers).

John Montalbano, CEO of RBC Global Asset Management, said: “This fund draws on the strength of our investment management capabilities in Canada and the US, bringing together the time-tested expertise of our US equity teams in one core investment. Initially designed as an institutional solution, the fund will also benefit individual investors seeking US exposure through a diversified, multi-strategy US equity fund.”