Netherlands-based Rabobank has selected Multicard, a business unit of Identive Group, to provide personalization and fulfillment services for the bank's latest application of its MiniTix cashless e-payment solution.

Multicard will manage product delivery, encoding and customer support for a program that allows Rabobank’s employees to make cashless payments using the e-payment labels on their mobile phones.

Rabobank’s MiniTix solution provides an alternative to the chipknip electronic cash system currently used throughout the Netherlands. Like chipknip, MiniTix is intended for small retail payments where credit card fees do not make economic sense. The MiniTix virtual wallet can be managed over the internet.

Rabobank, which currently allows its employees to use MiniTix accounts to make purchases at canteens and cafeterias in the workplace, plans to sign up additional merchants and facilities over time, at which time employees will be able to use their existing phone stickers or RFID token.

Multicard CEO Pieter Kooistra said Rabobank is taking the lead in introducing some of Europe’s most innovative schemes for contactless and mobile payments.

“We are very pleased to once again work with Rabobank to bring the convenience and security of MiniTix to Rabobank employees,” Kooistra said.