Qatar National Bank (QNB) has launched mobile banking application in the country, for BlackBerry mobile users as part of its continuous drive to develop new products and services for its customers.

An extension of the QNB’s eazylife suite of electronic banking services (e-services), the QNB mobile banking application (eazymobile) is a multi-purpose tool that gives customers an access to range of banking services through any mobile phone, as well as the recently added BlackBerry handsets.

The BlackBerry application on eazymobile is an addition to the bank’s eazylife suite of electronic banking channels, which consists of eazyinternet, eazymobile, eazyphone, eazySMS, eazyATM and eazystatement, which gives customers access to QNB’s services at home, at the office or whilst on the move.

The application launched by a Qatari bank, eazymobile on BlackBerry offers customers the ability to fully manage their finances via their mobile phones, offering them easier access than traditional phone banking systems. Customers can review their accounts, credit cards and transaction activity as well as review summary statements on their phone displays. They can also check available credit on their credit cards and transfer funds between their own QNB accounts. The service also permits customers to pay Kahrama utilities bills as well as Qtel bills.

Other extended services bundled with QNB’s eazymobile service include reviewing current market activity on the Qatar Exchange, foreign currency exchange rates and interest rates. Customers can also view QNB’s latest news and promotions via a regularly updated news feed.