Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB) has added a new card Hadiyati Visa Prepaid card to its line of banking solutions. The new prepaid card is Sharia'-compliant and issued according to the standards of Visa cards worldwide.

The QIB Hadiyati Prepaid Visa card is available in six value categories and allows the card holder ease of use through point of sale (POS) anywhere Visa is accepted around the world.

The QIB Hadiyati Prepaid VISA card looks like a credit card and can be purchased by anyone at QIB bank locations or six authorized mall booths located throughout Doha. The cards are fully-loaded at purchase and activated by the salesperson. There are no credit checks or debt risks with the prepaid card. The cards have the benefits of safety, as the card prevents the user from the hazzards involved in carrying cash, and capability to make easy electronic or on-line payments.

Moreover, the card limits the user’s spending by only allowing the amount of money previously deposited on the card to be used, giving the cardholder full control over his or her expenses.

The new prepaid card adds value to bank’s current platinum, silver and gold VISA card services. Next, QIB plans to launch a rechargeable version of the Visa prepaid card.

Ahmad Mashari, general manager of business domestic group at QIB, said: “The QIB Hadiyati Prepaid Visa card is a giant leap forward for card service banking in Qatar and QIB is proud to be at the forefront of this innovation. This new product fulfills a need of a large number of our customers and answers the demands of the growing Qatar market, keeping stride with the evolution of the way in which people do business.

“QIB’s launch of this Hadiyati Prepaid Visa card demonstrates the leadership of the bank as the premier Islamic financial institution locally and internationally, and gives our clients the ability to access this important service the world over.”