Printec Group has developed ATM security camera solution to enable financial organizations to capture and manage image and video data from multi-vendor ATM networks.

Greece-based Printec claimed that its solution will help financial organizations face ATM security issues and comply with laws and regulatory requirements. By deploying the solution, financial organizations may capture snapshots associated with the critical steps within the flow of each ATM transaction.

The images and videos are stored locally on the ATM for a configurable amount of time; furthermore, they can also be transferred to a central server either manually or automatically, at configurable time periods.

Moreover, images are time-stamped and may also render additional transaction-related details, providing a valuable aid to track back ambiguous or suspect events during transactions.

Finally, the solution can be implemented across multi-vendor ATM network environments, thus providing value-added advantages, in terms of central management and ease of maintenance.

Reportedly, the solution has already been implemented in financial organizations in South-eastern Europe.