Singapore-based POSB, a part of the DBS Group, has enhanced its credit card POSB Everyday Card with advanced card technology, benefits and new design to complement its consumers’ daily spending needs.

The new POSB Everyday Card will feature ATM function, Ez-Link purse, MasterCard PayPass, and an embedded EMV Smart Chip to bring convenience and security to cardholders.

The newly added new Ez-Link feature will enable cardholders to use the POSB Everyday Card on their daily commutes, eliminating the need to carry a separate Ez-Link card. Cardholders can also choose to enroll in Ez-Reload for the cash rebate offers.

According to POSB the Everyday Card will continue to offer cash rebates in the form of Daily$ on everyday spending and payment of everyday bills such as utilities and groceries. Cardholders can enjoy rebates of up to 20% with over 400 partners and 0.3% at non-participating merchants.

The new POSB Everyday Card will have two new categories of merchants such as ‘Child Enrichment’ or ‘Family Friendly’ merchants as well as more Daily$ redemption channels. Cardholders can use the Daily$ online at POSB iBanking to offset credit card bills or redeem against purchases at participating partner outlets as well as benefit from dining promotions.

Ooi Huey Tyng, senior vice president and head, cards and unsecured loans at DBS Bank, said: “With over 400,000 cardholders, the POSB Everyday Card is testament to the popularity of the card and the affinity Singaporeans have with the POSB brand. The new POSB Everyday Card showcases the latest Singapore skyline, and we believe this card will continue to be Singapore’s most preferred card for everyday spending.”

Koh Kar Siong, managing director and head of POSB, said: “Being neighbours first, bankers second, Singaporeans have a special bond with POSB. Many started their first account with POSB. As they grew up with POSB, they looked upon the People’s Bank to take care of their other financial needs, including payment of their day-to-day expenses. The POSB Everyday Card has indeed become a vital necessity for many Singaporeans today.”