Philippine National Bank (PNB) has selected Misys' Opics Plus 3.0, Opics Risk Plus and Eagleye platforms to better manage and grow its treasury operations.

PNB has been a Misys Opics customer since 2003. According to Misys, the new solution, along with Opics Risk Plus and Misys Eagleye, will enable the bank to improve its treasury business, risk management and portfolio management.

The bank will be able to improve exposure management by pooling risk exposure centrally in order to manage the process better. Additionally, the commercial bank will improve its market risk management capabilities through enhanced reporting tools and better controls across the business from the front to the back office.

Lee Huat, managing director for Asia Pacific at Misys, said: “We are thrilled to be working with PNB as it enters the latest phase of its development. This represents the first implementation of the latest version of Misys Opics Plus in the Philippines.

“Misys has more than 360 customers in Asia Pacific, leveraging our industry-leading solutions, local knowledge and expertise that are required to implement complex treasury products to manage volumes across multiple asset classes.”