Paymetric, a provider of integrated enterprise payment acceptance solutions, has partnered with United Tranz Actions (UTA) to offer Paymetric clients new payment acceptance options.

According to Paymetric, as a result of this partnership, customers now will have access to ACH and eCheck solutions that can improve cash flow, reduce exposure to bad debt and increase customer satisfaction.

The combined functionality of Paymetric’s and UTA’s offerings can be integrated with a company’s existing enterprise systems, presenting no disruption to the normal order-to-cash workflow.

Ken Silver, vice president of ePayments for Paymetric, said: “We are very excited about this partnership with UTA and the ability to deliver eCheck and ACH capabilities to our customers. UTA’s solutions effectively solve our clients’ pain points around meeting their customer’s demand for expanded payment options.”

Dean Middleton, president of UTA, said: “Paymetric’s customers now have an integrated and guaranteed payment solution, which is independent of any processing or banking relationship. In addition, UTA now has greater visibility within the ERP market, specifically with Paymetric’s high-pedigree clients. We believe our products provide a cost effective, leading-edge solution to address the payment processing concerns which are typical to sophisticated companies such as these.”