Patsystems has launched its new fully-managed application service provider (ASP) offering, XConnect, as it launches three new ASP hubs across Asia Pacific.

Patsystems’ new ASP hubs, located in Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney, join Patsystems’ already established hub in Tokyo. Each hub offers localized exchange connectivity, a choice of three front-end trading applications, API access and full pre-trade risk management.

According to the company, the hubs in Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo will be networked to one another using Patsystems’ XLink technology. Patsystems XLink provides communication and order routing between any Patsystems’ installation or client site, therefore allowing clients to access exchanges without direct membership.

Patsystems plans to announce the locations of additional ASP hubs later this year, which will also be part of Patsystems XConnect network.

Barry White, regional director of Asia Pacific at Patsystems, said: “Patsystems XConnect offering allows us to focus on the needs of local and regional customers who require infrastructure outsourcing and exchange access. XConnect enables new and existing customers to leverage our XLink technology across the four Asian hubs, providing customers with greater connectivity options. We look forward to on-boarding customers to our efficient and cost-effective ASP solution.”