Palmer Square Capital Management, along with Montage Investments and Atlantic Asset Management, have established a strategic alliance, with Geneva Arbitrage Fund, pursuant to this, Geneva will invest in the aforesaid companies.

Geneva invests in equity opportunities of companies which trades in corporate transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, while simultaneously seeking to reduce portfolio risk through hedging.

Under the agreement, the relationship will also provide Geneva with access to the distribution channels of Montage and Atlantic.

Commenting on the new partnership, Palmer Square president Christopher Long said, "We believe that Geneva’s merger arbitrage strategy is the right one for our investors due to Geneva’s in-depth risk management, experience and focus on capital preservation."

"Geneva strictly adheres to an investment process that has a proven track record since its inception in 2004."

The deal to partner with Geneva was carried out in association with Montage Investments, which is a group of asset managers offering multiple investment solutions, including mutual funds, closed-end funds, separately managed accounts and alternative investments to financial intermediaries.

The agreement was further backed by Atlantic Asset Management, which has decades of experience identifying and partnering with talented emerging managers.

Palmer Square Capital Management offers investment advisory services and manages portfolios of hedge fund strategies for a diverse set of clients across high-net-worth, registered investment advisory firms, broker-dealers and institutions.