Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions, a provider of voice and electronic trading infrastructure and services for the trading communities, has launched a mobile voice recording application for traders using BlackBerry smartphones.

According to Orange Business Services – Trading Solutions, when a trading call is made or received through a BlackBerry smartphone, the application logs the call on its voice trading platform. Additionally, embedded functionality in the application automatically initiates the BlackBerry smartphone to record the trading call for regulatory purposes.

This mobile voice recording application is expected to empower traders to work remotely, without any restriction of having to undertake certain transactions, or discuss deals from a fixed location. The solution is completely transparent to the user so they are aware the call is being recorded and also provides them with the ability to switch off the recording facility if personal calls come in, although the call can still be logged if the company decides.

The application from Orange Business Services – Trading Solutions will ensure traders in any geography, using a BlackBerry smartphone, are compliant with new mobile phone specific regulations.

Jean-Marc Lafond, COO at Orange Business Services – Trading Solutions, said: “In anticipation of future mobile phone conversation recording regulations, this application for BlackBerry smartphones is extremely timely and pertinent. It is a new era in trading and we want our customers to have access to the most innovative trading technology options as soon as they’re available.

“The power of the BlackBerry solution and Orange Business Services – Trading Solutions R&D team will allow further strong trading applications and innovations in the future.”