Opera’s in-browser services would target the group of young, fast-growing individuals through its Dify wallet app


Opera launches Dify, a new European fintech. (Credit: Opera Limited.)

Multi-platform web browser provider Opera has introduced a new, in-browser e-commerce functionality that supports cashback and payments activities, under the brand name Dify.

The firm intends to provide in-browser services to target a group of young, fast-growing individuals, called ‘power shoppers’ who can benefit from its Dify wallet app.

Dify app would initially allow consumers to receive cashback for purchases made on partner e-commerce websites and merchants, through the Opera browser.

Also, the users are provided with a special shopping mode, to protect their data during online shopping by disabling third party extensions.

Opera browsers EVP and fintech EEA Krystian Kolondra said: “Every day millions of people shop online and make their payments using Opera browsers. Opera has a track record of growing audiences and then improving their experiences to make them more engaging.

“We think this is one of the highest-potential areas: With Dify, we are making the browser and a superior wallet work better, together, to improve users’ shopping experience and also make it financially rewarding.”

The launch of new cashback and payments functionality follows Opera corporate acquisitions and investments in the financial services industry.

In January last year, the company announced the acquisition of Estonian banking-as-a-service start-up Pocosys and has agreed to acquire Fjord Bank in July 2020.

Opera said that Dify has been specifically designed to provide modern shoppers with the safe, personal and more rewarding online shopping experience.

The app leverages its expertise and track record in delivering advanced internet browsers.

The web browser provider intends to initially offer the cashback service and the Dify app in beta version, in Spain, with plans to further expand it to European markets in future.

Established in 1995 in Norway, Opera is engaged in providing browsers and AI-driven digital content discovery solutions to more than 380 million MAUs worldwide.