Oman Arab Bank has opened Fil Khidma, a new call center, to enhance the level of communication with customers as well as allowing staff to support customers and provide them service 24/7.

The services offered through Fil Khidma include account balance inquiries, loan/overdraft inquiries, payment processing (telephone, electricity, and credit card bills), fund transfers between OAB accounts, obtaining product information, branches locations, check book request and working hours.

In addition, customers can update their personal information and records, report lost or stolen ATM and credit cards and request their re-issuance through call center.

Oman Arab Bank CEO Abdul Qader Askalan said that OAB’s new call center comes as a confirmation of the bank’s commitment to provide the best banking products and the highest standards of service to clients.

Oman Arab Bank operates through a network of 54 branches and offices through out the country and offers products and services in retail, corporate and investment banking.