Oita Bank, a Japan-based bank, has selected SAS, a provider of business analytics software and services, and Teradata, a provider of data warehousing solutions, to enhance its business intelligence capabilities.

Teradata upgraded the bank’s previous models to its Active Enterprise Data Warehouse from previous models.

SAS claims that with SAS Marketing Automation, Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse platform, and the Teradata AccessNavigatorWeb query tool, Oita Bank can store six times the previous volume of data and process that data three times faster to meet changing marketing needs.

SAS Marketing Automation optimized for Teradata supports in-database analytics for better campaign management. For each campaign, Oita Bank will be able to segment customers into lifestyle categories and perform an analysis to determine which financial products best fit their individual needs.

This enterprise intelligence can then be used to make an attractive offer to customers and support event-driven marketing activities.

Akihira Tanaka, managing executive officer for Teradata Japan, said: “Building a new customer management system will enable Oita Bank to be more responsive to customers and develop more profitable marketing strategies.

“The new business intelligence system will enable Oita Bank to be more agile in making decisions based on the analysis of both historical and current customer behavior.”