NYSE Technologies, a provider of electronic trading solutions, has partnered with Eze Castle Integration to provide the hedge fund industry enhanced access to their global community of trading counterparties.

NYSE Technologies said that firms will now have direct connectivity to its Marketplace community of over 630 broker-dealers and execution destinations globally from Eze Castle Integration’s private network.

NYSE Technologies delivers electronic trading products and services that provide improvements in speed, quality of execution and cost efficiency. Eze Castle Integration’s ECI Link bundles internet, FIX messaging, market data and voice connectivity over a private network.

Together the firms plan to deliver an advanced electronic trading connectivity platform for buy-side firms.

Eze Castle Integration managing director Bob Guilbert said clients look to Eze Castle Integration for solutions that enhance and optimize their business, technology and trading operations.

“By teaming with NYSE Technologies we extend the power of our ECI Link private network and provide clients streamlined access to one of the largest electronic trading communities,” Guilbert said.