nuBridges, a US-based provider of security software and service, has released Version 2.0 of its Protect Token Manager platform.

According to the company, the new release includes support for a new architectural model, coordinated tokenization by multiple data centers simultaneously, and even greater protection and configuration flexibility for personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI), helping enterprises comply with US and international privacy laws.

nuBridges Protect now offers the ability for sensitive data to be encrypted at the point of capture (for example payment entry device or point of sale system), then securely transmitted to the centralized Token Manager that, in turn, tokenizes the data so that a highly configurable, meaningless token can be used in all downstream systems. It also supports a ‘store and forward’ approach at encryption endpoints that is ideal for scenarios where endpoints are vulnerable to network disruption, such as remote retail operations.

Token Manager 2.0 also enables tokens to be generated in multiple data center locations simultaneously. This new capability of Token Manager 2.0 provides: scalability, disaster recover/high availability, and centralized key management.

Gary Palgon, vice president of product management at nuBridges, said: “Since we introduced our tokenization solution in April 2009, we’ve been intent to provide the best and most comprehensive data security solution in the market, and also to ensure that it meets our customers’ needs for flexibility and non-invasiveness across multiple use cases and environments.

“nuBridges Protect Token Manager 2.0 builds upon our ‘always protected’ vision to allow our customers to protect sensitive data wherever it originates, travels or is stored, and to stay ahead of industry data security mandates and privacy laws.”