National Societe Generale Bank (NSGB), an Egypt-based financial services firm, has launched Safwa Universe, an exclusive service for its privileged clients.

Safwa Universe members are the NSGB privileged clients who maintain a certain average daily relationship balance or have a certain minimum average monthly credit balance throughout a period of at least six months in Egyptian pounds or equivalent foreign currencies.

In addition, NSGB has improved its range of credit cards by repositioning the gold credit card by adding special services and introduced the new Safwa Platinum credit card with its wide range of services and benefits beside the Safwa Universe privileges and personalized touch to fulfill the lifestyle needs of the preferred clients.

Mohamed Al-Dib, chairman and managing director of NSGB, said: "In 2005, we launched a simple and basic package fulfilling the needs of our elite customers and after five years, we want to offer the real essence of effective retail banking through strengthening the personal relationship with the client.

"Thus, now we are launching the new more sophisticated Safwa approach offering the personalized banking service wrapped up with a full set of banking products and benefits."