Northern Trust has launched a daily integrated risk reporting tool to consolidate predictive risk management, performance evaluation, and compliance analysis on the company's fundamentals dashboard.

According to Northern Trust, the tool is designed to save clients’ time, help them with regulatory compliance, particularly related to UCITS III, and make it easier for them to manage their investments.

The newly integrated reporting dashboard, refreshed daily, is appropriate for institutional clients, such as pension funds, insurance companies, foundations and endowments, as well as some ultra high net worth clients, and fund managers across the globe. The solution is tailored to client needs in that clients are able to choose the underlying risk model.

The toll will enable clients to view a timely analysis of VAR (Value at Risk); conduct stress and scenario based testing; and compare historical (ex post) and predictive (ex ante) risk exposures alongside performance attribution and compliance analysis.

Ian Castledine, global head of investment risk product for asset servicing at Northern Trust, said: “Clients are increasingly faced with a plethora of predictive risk, compliance and performance analytics. By developing this new tool to consolidate all the data into one integrated dashboard, our clients can now view in one report, information they require to control their investments.”