Nomura has added new execution stratagies to enhance its clients equity trading needs in Asia-Pacific markets.

The new trading algorithms are available through ModelEx, Nomura’s algorithmic trading platform, which allows clients to electronically access its suite of automated trading strategies.

Additionally, Nomura has co-located its TactEx strategy for Japan on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE), offering clients ultra-low latency access to this market. Nomura is also offering the ultra-reactive pegging and other order placement features to all its clients, a technology that has been traditionally reserved to high frequency traders.

The new trading algorithms include a new set of tactical strategies, pair trading algorithm, dark pool posting strategy, and a portfolio implementation shortfall strategy for all Asia-Pacific markets. These strategies offer pegging reserve and discretion order behaviors in response to low latency market data and are effective in a various liquidity taking and providing scenarios.

Robert Laible, head of electronic trading services and program trading sales of Asia-Pacific at Nomura, said: “The new strategies add value for those using Nomura’s platform and demonstrate our focus on providing innovative and differentiated electronic trading products and offer co-located trading algorithms on the TSE, highlighting Nomura’s commitment to technology excellence in driving value for our clients.”

Hongsong Chou, head of equity quantitative analytics of Asia-Pacific at Nomura, said: ”Integrating trading algorithms and trading analytics at both the product and service level is a clear industry trend and as a FIXatdl compliant broker, deploying the new strategies onto clients’ desktops has become much easier. The availability of ModelEx Monitor also helps all ModelEx strategies to become more transparent to clients.”