NetSecure Technologies, a provider of online transaction security solutions for financial institutions, has unveiled personal credit card reader, SmartSwipe, for financial institutions to help protect consumers’ private information while they shop online.

According to NetSecure, now, credit card holders can swipe their credit card from their home computer just like in a store. Using the same level of encryption found in ATMs, SmartSwipe encrypts the card information while being swiped, rendering it unreadable to hackers and malicious programs.

SmartSwipe provides proactive protection against all existing attacks as well as new emerging attacks designed to steal sensitive personal information. By leveraging NetSecure’s Dynamic SSL technology, SmartSwipe secures sensitive data at the point of origin, before it ever reaches the computer, protecting sensitive financial and personal information from endpoint threats such as Keylogging, Spyware and Man-in-the-Browser.

Daniel McCann, president of NetSecure Technologies, said: “SmartSwipe is the first security product that can actually generate recurring revenues for financial institutions. Consumers have shown a willingness to pay a premium for security, and SmartSwipe provides a new and untapped revenue opportunity.

“The ultimate ‘top of the wallet’ product, SmartSwipe not only generates revenue, but improves customer loyalty, two things desperately needed in today’s financial environment.”