NetRoadshow clients will benefit from increased efficiency and reduced risk in the execution of capital markets and M&A transactions

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NetRoadshow expands investment banking capabilities with acquisition of DealSite. (Credit: Adam Radosavljevic from Pixabay)

NetRoadshow announced that it has acquired DealSite Inc., a technology company focused on the Capital Markets and M&A space, offering the first and leading digital working group list application. The acquisition aligns with NetRoadshow’s 23-year focus on providing secure and compliant productivity tools to the global investment banking community.

Prior to the advent of the DealSite application, bankers were left with either Microsoft Word or Excel to create and attempt to manage the ever-changing cast of managers, advisors, underwriters, and other professionals working on a given transaction. This approach never provided the up-to-date list required by the investment banking community in today’s fast-paced environment, offered nothing in the way of mobility or email connectivity, and exposed advisors and underwriters to a host of disclosure and information security risks.

“DealSite was developed to provide a streamlined, digital, mobile and far more secure upgrade to the deal execution process, via a SaaS solution that makes life easier for capital markets and M&A bankers and their clients,” said Brad Hammond, NetRoadshow’s founder and CEO.

DealSite’s rapidly emerging growth and adoption among the most sophisticated and demanding bulge bracket investment banks speaks largely for itself, but some of the application’s benefits worth highlighting include:

  • Efficiency: DealSite removes countless hours of manual and error-prone administrative work from the typical transaction cycle, enabling bankers to focus on high ROI activities.
  • Risk Reduction: In addition to managing confidential deal team information in a secure private cloud, DealSite’s seamless integration with Outlook both speeds up and de-risks deal team communications, sharply reducing or eliminating MNPI disclosure to unintended parties.
  • Mobility: DealSite’s mobile app provides bankers and clients with up-to-the-minute accurate contact information for each member of the deal team. The easy click-to-call and click-to-email functionality makes bankers more productive, by increasing the overall immediacy, accuracy and velocity of deal team communications.
  • Increased ROI on Related Software Applications: Via its library of private APIs, DealSite can, among other things, digitally synch working group lists with internal cleared-for-conflicts lists and CRM applications.

“NetRoadshow has been at the forefront of digitizing critical investment banking workflows for over two decades, and we couldn’t be happier about having joined forces with Brad and his terrific team,” said Brian Bissonette, DealSite’s founder and CEO. “The cultural fit is perfect, given both organizations’ focus on client service, and we are very excited about the additional value that the combination of our products will deliver to the global investment banking industry.”

Source: Company Press Release