NCR, a global ATM manufacturer and service provider, has launched SelfServ 28, a new fully weatherized, free standing cash dispense ATM.

The fully weatherized NCR SelfServ 28 ATM can go wherever a bank’s customers need service, without the need to build a structure to house the ATM. With both wired and wireless connectivity, NCR’s new ATM needs only a power outlet to operate and does not require a structure to protect it from the weather.

The NCR SelfServ 28 is designed to be easily deployed and redeployed, allowing a financial institution to enhance its branding efforts with a minimal cost of ownership.

The NCR SelfServ 28 features the same look and feel of NCR’s SelfServ family, together with features such as self-healing technology that allows the ATM to make minor repairs without a service call, full-motion instructional videos and a modular design to help make servicing easier and ensure maximum availability.

Michael O’Laughlin, vice president and general manager of NCR Financial Services, said: “Through the NCR SelfServ 28, we are able to help financial institutions and other businesses deliver real availability to their customers when and where they need cash. The NCR SelfServ 28 helps complete the NCR SelfServ family to give our customers a wide variety of ATM options to meet all of their needs.”