Natixis Global Associates (NGA) has launched a new managed futures mutual fund to be managed by AlphaSimplex Group (ASG): Natixis ASG Managed Futures Strategy Fund (AMFAX).

The fund pursues its return objective using multiple trend-following models across a diversified portfolio of asset classes and markets. ASG seeks to limit risk by managing to a strict annualized volatility target and by employing drawdown controls. The new fund is co-managed by Andrew Lo, according to Natixis.

The fund adds to NGA’s line up of non-traditional investment solutions. To date, NGA offers investors six non-traditional funds, including the Gateway Fund (GATEX), the AEW Real Estate Fund (NRFAX), the Westpeak ActiveBeta Fund (WABAX) and two additional US mutual funds managed by AlphaSimplex Group.

Mr Lo said: “Strategies like managed futures are among the few diversifying investment styles that can be effective even in the midst of a market crisis. This fund answers a growing need for a broader set of diversification tools that are available in a highly liquid, transparent and passive low-cost format.”