Natixis Global Asset Management (NGAM) has unveiled a concentrated equity fund, the Vaughan Nelson Select Fund (VNSAX), from Vaughan Nelson Investment Management, which seeks value opportunities across market capitalizations.

Headquartered at Singapore, NGAM claims that the new fund has been developed to offer enhanced return for long-term equity investors and could be a complement to index fund positions.

The Vaughan Nelson Select Fund invests in undervalued companies across the market capitalization spectrum and the whole fund administration is managed by Scott Weber, CFA, along with co-managers Chris Wallis, CFA, and Dennis Alff, CFA.

Vaughan Nelson president and CEO Chris Wallis said in an investing landscape increasingly dominated by index funds and ETFs, the firm believes there is demand for an actively managed fund with high active share, as measured by the percentage of a portfolio not held by its relevant benchmark index.

"A concentrated approach allows us to focus on investment ideas in which we have the greatest conviction, fully expressing the views of Vaughan Nelson’s experienced investment team in a single product," Wallis added.

The fund invests in the firms after using a rigorous bottom-up fundamental research process informed by macro economic and sophisticated risk analysis. This helps to minimize the risk involved with the investment.

Natixis Global Asset Management, US Distribution president and CEO David Giunta said the Vaughan Nelson Select Fund is another example of NGAM’s commitment to offering a wide range of portfolio solutions focused on helping investors as they build durable investment portfolios.

As of 31 March 2012, Vaughan Nelson Investment Management had approximately $8.2bn in assets under management, which manages equity, fixed-income and balanced portfolios for institutions and high-net-worth clients.