The Nasdaq OMX Group has introduced Directors Desk Enterprise Management System, a proprietary solution within Directors Desk to simplify the management of multiple subsidiary or related-entity boards with a one click solution.

According to the company, the proprietary Enterprise Management System is included in the Directors Desk portal and does not come with an additional fee.

Directors Desk benefits and features also include: electronic board books; calendar and event management; legally binding online voting module; video conferencing for committee meetings; contact management; corporate secretary’s toolkit; document management for confidential matters; professional support assistance online; and compliance with the US Department of Commerce Safe Harbor certification of US companies with operations in Europe.

In addition, Directors Desk is fully functional on an iPad and offers users the ability to access and use their Directors Desk accounts on their iPads in many ways including: open any PDF; open password-protected PDFs; save meeting books for offline viewing; navigate long meeting books using PDF bookmarks; and send secure e-mail.

Demetrios Skalkotos, SVP of global corporate services at Nasdaq OMX, said: “Given the increasingly complex board structures and communication needs multi-national companies have, the Enterprise Management System provides boards and corporate secretaries with a complete solution for transparency, cost-savings, and time efficiency through a secure, fully hosted online technology.

“With this tool activated in the Directors Desk portal, multi-entity meetings including announcements, materials and updates are easier to manage with a one click solution.”