The Nasdaq OMX Group and DWS Investments, the US retail unit of Deutsche Bank's global Asset Management division, have jointly launched the DWS Nasdaq-100 Volatility Target Index.

The new benchmark is designed to provide exposure to the Nasdaq-100 Index in a risk-controlled manner.

The index provides variable exposure to the Nasdaq-100 Index using a volatility control mechanism designed to limit risk by dynamically adjusting exposure between the Nasdaq-100 Index and a cash investment.

Included in the Nasdaq-100 Index are the 100 domestic and international non-financial securities reflecting companies across major industry groups including computer hardware and software, telecommunications, retail/wholesale trade and biotechnology listed on the Nasdaq.

Nasdaq OMX executive vice president John Jacobs said that the ability to manage risk cannot be overemphasized in these volatile market conditions. The DWS NASDAQ-100 Volatility Target Index incorporates a volatility control mechanism, providing investors with adequate levels of exposure to world-class companies while simultaneously limiting risk.