Nasdaq OMX Group has deployed Outsell Scout Analytics, a revenue optimization solution, to increase the loyalty of its global index watch subscribers. Outsell Scout Analytics is a service for paid-content providers seeking to ensure that they are fully meeting every subscriber's needs.

Nasdaq OMX has developed new front-end data products, including global index watch, to complement its existing data-feed business, and has chosen subscriber loyalty as a key metric in measuring its success.

The usage of Outsell Scout Analytics by Nasdaq OMX for its ability to measure and rate subscribers’ loyalty, information is expected to allow the content provider to strengthen their engagement.

According to the Nasdaq, Outsell Scout Analytics rates subscriber loyalty and predicts subscribers’ needs based on specific behaviors and usage patterns, using a Demand Rating. In addition, the bundled advisory services of Outsell identify for the paid-content provider actionable programs to build and monetize subscriber loyalty.

Nasdaq has added that Outsell Scout Analytics provides Nasdaq OMX’s product managers an understanding of which subscriber segments use which data indexes to help them package the entitlements optimally. It also provides sales managers an understanding of which prospects are the most likely to receive the most value, to focus their effort on building long-term subscribers.

In addition, Outsell Scout Analytics provides account managers an understanding of which subscribers are not getting the full value of the service and might be at risk of defection. Moreover, Outsell Scout Analytics provides a new basis for understanding, monitoring, and growing business – a subscriber


Randall Hopkins, senior vice president of global data products at Nasdaq OMX, said: “We needed analytics that could ensure the right resources and efforts are directed toward customer needs at the right time. The customer loyalty metric gives us a lens to better see customer needs and in turn make better decisions.”

Louise Garnett, vice president of Outsell Scout Analytics, said: “The goal of Outsell Scout Analytics is to accelerate business results. The integration of our analysts as part of the solution ensures a paid-content provider doesn’t need to increase staffing or technical expertise to put analytics to work in its business. Outsell Scout Analytics is quick to deploy and delivers a return on investment within weeks.”

Mark Upson, CEO of Scout Analytics, which provides the platform on which the service is based, said: “The Nasdaq OMX Group understands this deeply, and is building it into its operations. Its subscribers will be sure to benefit.”

Outsell Scout Analytics is the result of a strategic partnership between Outsell and Scout Analytics to help paid-content providers improve subscription revenues and help advertisers to better monetize their audiences.