Through the new Nasdaq Cloud Data Service, users across the world can now access data from the US stock exchange company via a suite of cloud-based APIs


Nasdaq Cloud Data Service will deliver real-time data from Nasdaq using cloud technology. (Credit: Gabriele Giuseppini/Wikimedia Commons)

Nasdaq has launched a cloud data service called Nasdaq Cloud Data Service (NCDS) for giving its clients access to exchange data, index, and fund data, all in real-time, through cloud-based technology.

Users across the world can now access data from the US stock exchange company via a suite of cloud-based application programming interfaces (APIs).

According to the company, the APIs use open-source delivery standards and a software development kit (SDK) to expedite engineering efforts, thereby removing the necessity for procuring hardware, proprietary protocols, file formats, and leased lines.

By using the APIs, seamless integration of data can be achieved from disparate sources along with a drastic reduction in time to market for customer-designed applications, said Nasdaq.

Nasdaq Cloud Data Service operates on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help offer agility, ease of use, and also scale for its clients.

Amazon Web Services financial services AWS sales vice president Frank Fallon said: “NCDS represents one of the most recent examples of how Nasdaq and AWS’s multi-year history of collaboration continues to meet market participants’ evolving needs, specifically the delivery of data directly into applications, on-demand, anywhere in the world.”

The new cloud data service from the stock exchange firm is said to be compatible with various cloud providers and was created to generate lower latency and higher performance for entrepreneurs, fintech companies, and traditional financial services applications.

Products that can be connected using Nasdaq Cloud Data Service

Nasdaq Cloud Data Service is said to enable users to connect to a range of data products in real time such as Nasdaq TotalView, Nasdaq Basic, Nasdaq Last Sale, Nasdaq Global Index Data Service (GIDS), Nasdaq Fund Network, and Nasdaq Quandl.

Nasdaq EVP and global information services head Lauren Dillard said: “Nasdaq utilizes the best technology the world has to offer to make markets more accessible.

“Nasdaq Cloud Data Service is a significant advancement in the financial data space, as it uses the cloud to stream important, real-time market data tailored to our clients’ specific needs. Adding the cloud to the data equation through our collaboration with AWS is a big win for investors.”