Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange (MICEX), a Russia-based stock exchange, has joined the BT Radianz community for the financial services sector.

MICEX will now be able to connect to several banks, financial institutions and market data providers internationally that already use the BT Radianz shared market infrastructure. MICEX will be able to provide its members with flexible access to both its market data and its trading applications through an IP-based extranet platform.

The BT Radianz shared market infrastructure supports the global secured networked financial services community, with over 400 application service providers and over 14,000 customer locations across the worldwide financial services sector. MICEX will be able to leverage this growing global community and benefit from low-latency connectivity with its members.

Andy Nicholson, vice president of global banking and financial markets at BT, said: “By joining this community, MICEX will also benefit from enhanced business continuity capabilities, guaranteed service levels and greater control, as well as lower technical and operational risk.”

Konstantin Korischenko, president of MICEX, said: “Some of our most important clients are already members of the BT Radianz community. Joining this community means that we will now be able to enjoy seamless and effective communication with our existing users and more easily grow our user base domestically and internationally.”