Misys, a UK-based developer of software solutions for financial services industry, has released the latest version of Confirmation Matching Service (CMS).

According to Misys, the latest release includes inter-bank matching for Exotic FX Options (MT 306 messages), extending the existing support for buy-side counterparties which went live earlier this year.

Using CMS, banks can send confirmations to each other over the SWIFT network, with the subscribing bank authorizing SWIFT to copy both inbound and outbound confirmation messages for the required instrument(s) into Misys CMS.

Misys CMS solutions director Gil Bray said that the industry is changing and Misys is helping banks, corporations and fund managers remain competitive while responding to a more demanding regulatory environment.

“And there is minimal work required from the bank, which can be up and running in less than two weeks, provided they can generate a MT306 message.”