Michigan First Credit Union has implemented Integrated Media Management's (IMM) TotaleAtlasWeb solution to support its members’ ability to securely complete loan documents away from a physical branch, at their convenience and at any location.

According to IMM, its TotaleAtlasWeb solution provides protected document viewing and public key infrastructure (PKI) digital signature capture via the web. Completed and signed documents are provided back to the credit union with signatures that are trusted by the Adobe root certificate and available in perpetuity, even if the vendor that provided the system goes out of business.

In addition, the document cannot be altered without invalidating the signature, providing an additional layer of enforceability.

Michael Poulos, president and CEO of Michigan First Credit Union, said: “Effectively extending business relationships and maximizing member service is highly dependent on removing perceived barriers, like distance for example. Remote signature capabilities do just that, opening up several opportunities for growth and retention while also enhancing our productivity.”

Chuck Klein, CEO of IMM, said: “Michigan First Credit Union is a prime example of leveraging electronic signatures and remote document delivery to increase its footprint with members, extending beyond what’s available with brick and mortar. With our TotaleAtlasWeb and WebGateway solutions, credit unions can improve workflow, reduce costs and enhance member relations.”