MBNA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bank of America, has introduced Credit Card Selector, a new online tool for UK customers to compare credit cards and choose the suitable credit card for their needs.

MBNA said that the tool enables new customers to search and compare the range of its products, asking a number of questions along the way to support and guide them.

According to MBNA, the new Credit Card Selector can scour the 26 products on its website to find a card that offers low balance transfer rates for those looking to switch cards, low money transfer rates for customers looking to transfer cash into their current account or low purchase rates for those using their credit card frequently for shopping and card purchases.

Ian Craig, customer service and channel fulfilment executive for Bank of America Europe Card Services, which operates the MBNA brand, said: “Choosing the right credit card can sometimes seem like a daunting task. We want to make this process simpler for our customers. If they are searching for great balance transfer rates or fantastic reward schemes, this tool will help match their needs to a card from our range that’s right for them.”