Maybank Singapore, a subsidiary of Malaysia-based financial services group Maybank, has deployed Microsoft Dynamics customer relationship management (CRM) solution, to meet the banking customer challenges.

The main objective of Maybank Singapore to deploy CRM solution was to establish a single view of customer information and automate workflow processes to improve service fulfillment, sales/campaign operations and incident management across the bank. Moreover, the implementation of a CRM system is to drive business excellence by improving key processes and service offerings that enhance the customer experience and operational efficiency.

The major feature of Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation is its collaboration capability that enabled Maybank Singapore to harness the operational synergy between various units to improve sales and service standards.

Maybank Singapore said that the solution helped it to address a number of front-end sales and service process challenges including the manual distribution and tracking of sales leads and marketing lists assigned to front-end sales personnel and an inconsistent view of customers as front-liners and middle-office users had access to different systems for customer information.

The deployment of C-Portal for Microsoft Dynamics CRM also helped Maybank Singapore to achieve its single-customer view objective by establishing real-time as well as synchronized batch-integration of critical customer and account data from its bank-wide customer information file and core-banking systems.

Maybank Singapore also was able to improve collaboration and reduce turnaround time between front- and middle-office units for service fulfillment through the implementation of automated service-request workflows and escalation capabilities. In addition, improved incident management capabilities of the bank through efficient and visible incident reporting, escalation and follow-up reduced the turnaround time for investigation and resolution of reported incidents.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM also enabled efficient collaboration between Maybank Singapore’s marketing and sales units through automated workflows and improved pipeline visibility for tracking sales and service fulfillment to increase the sales and meet the high level of customer expectations.

Lim Kuo Siong, head of IT and eBusiness at Maybank Singapore, said: “The project has finally allowed us to automate many sales and service fulfillment activities between our front-end service channel and our middle-office support units, thereby taking our operational efficiencies to higher levels and reducing service turnaround time in meeting our customer requests, customer feedback and sales fulfillment objectives.”

Joe Pagano, managing director of banking and capital markets for the worldwide financial services industry group at Microsoft, said: “The robustness and flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps Maybank Singapore in its pursuit of customer service excellence year after year.”