Mashreq, a UAE-based financial Institution, has selected Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 (IE 8) to protect its customers personal information online against cyber threats and phishing schemes.

Microsoft said that, with the adoption of IE 8, Mashreq website visitors will be able to browse the internet safely and securely. With the help of new features from IE 8 such as SmartScreen filter and InPrivate Browsing, Mashreq website visitors will be encouraged to have safer online experience.

According to the Microsoft, the Web Slices feature help Mashreq’s line-of-business applications interface with its customers easily. InPrivate Browsing helps protect users from the unintentional disclosure of information or browsing session by providing a quick, easy way to ensure that information is cleared as soon as the InPrivate Browsing session is closed.

Gavin Sanderson, head of distribution at Mashreq, said: “We want our customers to feel safer when banking online and be more aware of the measures they should adopt to protect their personal information. Internet Explorer 8 is specifically designed to help users maintain their internet security and privacy.”

Ramez Dandan, platform strategy manager at Microsoft Gulf, said: “Internet Explorer 8 has more tools and resources to defend customers against cyber threats everyday than any other browser. It is specifically designed to help users maintain their security and privacy. It enables users to browse more safely helping them maintain trust in the Internet. We support Mashreq’s commitment in providing its customers with an enhanced and secure online experience.”