Macquarie Group has posted a net profit after tax attributable to ordinary shareholders of AUD1.05bn for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2010, an increase of 21% on the 2009 financial year.

Operating income for the fiscal year 2010 was AUD6.6bn, up 20% on fiscal 2009.

Macquarie Group declared a final dividend of AUD1 per ordinary share unfranked, up from the AUD0.86 per ordinary share dividend unfranked paid in the first half, and up from the AUD0.40 (60% franked) per ordinary share final 2009 dividend. The total dividend for the year 2010 is AUD1.86 per ordinary share, compared to AUD1.85 in the fiscal year 2009 unfranked.

Assets under management at March 31, 2010 increased to AUD326bn predominantly reflecting the acquisition of Delaware Investments in January 2010.

Retail deposits increased to AUD15.5bn at March 2010 from AUD13.4bn at March 2009.

Nicholas Moore, managing director and CEO at Macquarie Group, said: “Our fiscal year 2010 result reflects improved market conditions and the diversification and global reach of our businesses. International income accounted for 52% of total income.

“Each of our operating businesses delivered improved results on the prior year. Operating conditions continued to improve during the year, leading to greater activity across many of our businesses. While we have deployed funding during the period for business initiatives and acquisitions, we have continued to maintain a conservative approach to capital and funding.”