Macquarie Global Investments has launched Macquarie EquityPlus, a newly-created financing program to enable Canadian retail investors to invest in major TSX-listed securities.

According to the company, the exposure is not synthetic, investors can own the actual securities in their portfolio. In addition, advisers can individually tailor each client’s program, allowing them to select which securities they hold, the term of the program and whether to take a fixed or variable interest rate on their financing.

Macquarie will provide downside protection for each security in the portfolio to enable investors get the full benefit from any stocks that rise in value while avoiding losses on those that underperform.

Macquarie EquityPlus is currently available through Macquarie Private Wealth. In future it will also be offered through other brokerages and investment advisers. It is available to individual investors in all Canadian provinces with the exception of Quebec.

Stuart McClure, managing director of Macquarie Global Investments, said: “Macquarie EquityPlus is unique in the Canadian market because it allows investors to buy and hold TSX-listed equity securities, safe in the knowledge that the capital value of their investment is protected.

“Macquarie EquityPlus is ideally suited to high income earners – who haven’t been able to make a meaningful investment in the equities market before. Professionals and business owners can use their surplus income to accumulate wealth in a tax-efficient way.”