Lloyds TSB, a UK-based financial services company, has launched Easy Saver 2012 and One-Year Term Deposit, two new savings accounts, each offering an interest rate of up to 6%.

The new Easy Saver 2012 account tracks the Bank of England base rate until December 31, 2012 on a tiered rate up to 6%. These accounts can be opened with a minimum balance of GBP1 and there are no penalties for withdrawals on the account. The account is available until December 7, 2008.

The new One-Year Term Deposit rate is claimed to allow customers to earn a guaranteed return of 6% on investments of GBP2,000 or more. The rate is guaranteed for the term of the deposit and customers can opt to earn interest on a monthly or annual basis, enabling them to use their savings interest to boost their monthly income.

Janet Pope, director of savings and investments at Lloyds, said: In an uncertain economic environment, security is a top priority for savers. Our term deposit range has proved extremely popular, as the guaranteed return gives customers the security to plan ahead, knowing exactly how much interest they will receive and when they will get it.