Lloyd’s Asset Management has opened a new location in Salisbury, Maryland to offer all the resources required for investors of all types who want to know the investment options in precious metals.

Brandon Brittingham, a real estate sales producer at Long & Foster for the last 6 years, has taken on a new role as branch manager for the Salisbury Lloyds Asset Management office.

Mr Brittingham brings a wealth of sales experience and expertise. Transitioning his focus on the precious metals market, he sees the same similarities with precious metals as he saw with real estate six years ago.

Mr Brittingham said: “Due to the decline of the stock market and the Euro and the recent surge in demand for investment grade precious metals, the market is ripe with potential and I’m excited to present the Salisbury area with some great possibilities. I’m really looking forward to great things with this location.”

James Burbage, CEO of Lloyds Asset Management, said: “Gold and silver prices are still in play with all of the classic variables that traditionally help drive precious metals.

“Investors who consider the safe haven of precious metals are protecting themselves and the security of their financial future against high unemployment and uncertain economic conditions around the world.”