Kuwait Finance House (KFH) has implemented EMV service which reads the smart chip at all ATM and purchasing machines. The implementation comes in light of the directions of the Central Bank of Kuwait.

KFH has said that its ATM and POS machines are now capable of reading data saved on the smart chip found on various cards, which makes it a very safe means for purchasing since it thwarts any counterfeiting or robbery attempts.

Nedal Ameen, direct sales unit manager at KFH, said: “Through this service, KFH proves that it can apply the most advanced technology, especially that it upgraded all its ATM and POS machines to be able to read the new cards, and now KFH adds a new international technological service called EMV that reads smart chips.

“There is a great demand for the new technologies that KFH implements, since KFH selects the technologies that are in the interests of its clients, such as KFH’s first of its kind ATM machine that allows clients to withdraw Kuwaiti dinars, US Dollars, Euros, and UAE Dirham 24 hours a day.”