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Dankort med Kontakloes funktion. (Credit: Nexi Group.)

​Nexi Group has been chosen as future provider of payment solutions by international home retailer, JYSK, in additional 5 countries (Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France and Italy). This is the first European-wide collaborative agreement across the Nexi Nets footprint extending the partnership with JYSK to cover 14 European countries in total. Together, Nexi Group will provide a streamlined and scalable terminal and acquiring solution covering both online and in-store payments.

​The payments industry is becoming increasingly more international, but payment preferences and behaviours still differ a lot from country to country. So, for a retailer like JYSK, that consistently is expanding its busines adding more that 150 new stores a year just in Europe, it is important that their customers can pay with the means of payment they prefer, including domestic schemes that are often preferred option:

“We want a payments provider who enables us to accept payments both from the major international payment schemes like Visa and Mastercard, and also domestic payment card schemes in the countries we operate, making payment as easy as possible for our customers. The Nexi Group can support our needs across markets, and we look forward to benefiting from the synergies of having one common partner to serve us across 14 countries,” says Payment Solutions Manager, Preben Bonde Larsen, from JYSK.

In addition to a unified payment solution set-up JYSK will benefit from joint reconciliation and broad array of payment schemes that the companies in the Nexi Group support. Attaining this first combined international customer win for Nets and Nexi, that we only merged in July 2021, reflects the group’s ability to offer European-wide payment acceptance:

“With this agreement, we leverage our local presence and extended European reach building upon the combined and strengthened value proposition we can now offer. Together with our colleagues in Nexi we look forward to supporting the further expansion of JYSK and their customers,” says CEO of Merchant Services in Nets, Robert Hoffmann.

Today Nexi Group already serves JYSK as payment service provider in the Nordics (Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland) and will soon start implementing merchant payment solutions for the international home retailer in several more European countries (The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Ireland, Greece, Slovakia). Following an international RFP process the partnership will be extended to also cover additional countries in Europe (Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France and Italy) which means that Nets, with its extended footprint as part of Nexi Group, will serve JYSK in 14 European countries all-together going forward which includes some of the biggest national markets for JYSK.

The agreement will cover merchant acceptance of both domestic brands: Girocard (Germany), Postfinance (Switzerland), Pagobancomat (Italy), Dankort (Denmark), BankAxept (Norway) in addition to all common international brands like Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, JCB and CUP.

Source: Company Press Release