Johnson Bank, a part of Johnson Financial Group, has partnered with Intuit Financial Services to offer FinanceWorks, a new online financial management solution that provides consumers an easy way to budget, gain control over their spending and save more during these tough economic times.

Powered by Quicken, FinanceWorks helps consumers manage their information and accounts across more than 16,000 financial institutions and credit card sites, ensure bills are paid on time regardless of the method they use to pay them, see where their money is going, (including future transactions), and receive a variety of alerts about their financial status via e-mail.

Sandy Spielmann, senior vice president, regional group president of Johnson Bank, said: “FinanceWorks is a great addition to our services. It’s free to our clients, easy to use and gives them the ability to manage their finances. This year, many clients asked us for help budgeting and saving.

“FinanceWorks helps clients plan for a stronger financial future. Clients can identify what they’re spending today and what they want to save and identify ways to cut back on specific spending to achieve personal financial milestones.”