Jefferies has launched Jefferies Asset Management Commodity Strategy Allocation Fund, an open-end mutual fund offering investors access to global commodity and commodity-equity markets with additional inflation hedging potential through investments in Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS).

Representing Jefferies’ first open-end mutual fund product, the Jefferies Asset Management Commodity Strategy Allocation Fund is a series of the Financial Investors Trust advised by ALPS Advisors, and Jefferies Asset Management (JAM) acts as the sub-adviser to the fund.

The fund is managed by Robert Hyman, senior vice president and portfolio manager for JAM.

The fund seeks to optimize the allocation among investments that track changes in the commodity futures markets, investments in commodity equities, and TIPS. This combination seeks to provide comprehensive access to the global commodity markets and offers three layers of inflation hedging potential from commodities, commodity related equities and TIPS, according to Jefferies.

Adam De Chiara, co-president of JAM, said: “The fund is designed to provide comprehensive exposure to global commodity markets. Just as many investors have sought to diversify their portfolios by including exposure to commodities, a diversified approach to commodity exposure itself may provide a better long-term solution for investors.”