Jefferies, a US-based securities and investment banking firm, which has recently launched a series of trading algorithms for equity markets in the US, Canada and more than a dozen countries across Europe, has launched algorithms for trading on exchanges in Greece and South Africa.

According to Jefferies, the suite of algorithms available for Greece and South Africa is the same as that which was released for the numerous other markets in which the firm participates.

The options include algorithms like MultiScale and Trader, which allow traders to have a higher degree of control over their algorithmic executions by being responsive to market volatility, by having the ability to switch strategies instantaneously, and by reacting to market events and liquidity situations in a timely manner.

Jefferies also plans to expand its trading algorithms to Asia, Brazil and Mexico by the end of the year 2010.

Daniel Charney, head of global electronic trading services at Jefferies, said: “Looking ahead, we will continue to broaden the geographic reach of our algorithmic trading platform to better serve the needs of our institutional clients.”