The International Securities Exchange (ISE), a wholly owned subsidiary of Eurex, has partnered with Structured Solutions, an index service provider and creator of the Solactive index platform, to launch a family of five Brazilian sector indexes.

ISE said that the indexes will track the performance of Brazilian public companies that are active in the consumer products, utilities, financial services, industrial and materials industries.

The Solactive-ISE family of indexes inlcude, The Solactive-ISE Brazil Consumer Products Index; Solactive-ISE Brazil Utilities Index; The Solactive-ISE Brazil Financials Index; The Solactive-ISE Brazil Industrials and The Solactive-ISE Brazil Materials.

The Solactive-ISE Brazilian indexes hold securities that are domiciled in Brazil and traded on BM&F Bovespa.

ISE and Structured Solutions are focused on working with exchange-traded product issuers in Brazil and around the globe to launch Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and structured products on the new family of indexes.

ISE director of new product development Kris Monaco said that the Brazil is one of the most closely followed emerging markets, and the new Solactive-ISE indexes will provide international and Brazilian-based investors alike with local benchmarks for the largest sectors in the Brazilian economy.