Oregon-based iovation, a provider of device reputation service for preventing online fraud and abuse, has partnered with internet payment service provider Failsafe Payments to protect merchants and merchant service providers (MSPs) using Certo Payment Gateway.

iovation said that the Certo Payment Gateway is an e-payment platform that provides merchants and MSPs the ability to authenticate transactions. Certo allows merchants to accept multiple banks, acquirers, payment brands, 3-D Secure, shopping carts and other payment types.

Throug this partnership, iovation ReputationManager, merchants and MSPs can determine whether or not a transaction is safe or risky; detect and prevent financial fraud while protecting good customers and uncover relationships between accounts and devices and expose entire fraud rings.

Patrick Sallnert, chief operating officer for Failsafe Payments Europe and North America, said: “The iovation ReputationManager service will protect our merchants and MSPs from financial risk and also protect their customers.”

Greg Pierson, CEO and co-founder of iovation, said: “We are excited to partner with Failsafe Payments and proud to be protecting a new group of online merchants from fraud and abuse. While 3-D Secure can help reduce chargebacks, a comprehensive, multi-layered approach is the best defense against cyber crime. Our shared global database of online fraud and abuse sources and patterns will significantly improve the fraud management capabilities of Failsafe merchants and MSPs.”